My experience and review of

My experience and review of
Since I was on a lookout for any quality writing services to finish up my paper, I happened to come across and I decided to take a closer look at it. I was sold on the fact that the service has been up and running for eight years and claims to have writers that are familiar with writing US, UK, Aussie and Canadian writing formats. This is exactly what I needed, so I went for it. First, I read testimonials and reviews from customers. Than i decided to look through the website.

Quality of service
What I noticed right off the bat is that their writers apparently undergo a thorough screening in order to work for them. Makes sense, since they are writing papers for actual money and affect students grades in that regard. What I noticed next was that each of the writers had a rating attached to them; much like a freelance writing website would do things.

Customer support
Customer service at offers the usual 24/7 availability, live chat and phone call options for US, Canada and UK. While that may be the case, they took a few hours to answer my questions and even then their answers were bare minimum. Either their customer support is unfamiliar with the service they provide or they just had a bad day. Luckily I could deduce what answers I was looking for and I went on to look at the pricing models.

Apparently the pricing structure on is not fixed, but depends on the writer. If your writer has a good rating, you will be charged more for your paper and vice-versa. This led me to think about why anyone would trust their paper (and future) with someone with a low rating? It would directly lead to that writer having little to no work in their hands, simply based on their rating. While their pricing starts at affordable 15$ per page, I found it difficult to submit any work simply due to the fact that I might be overcharged for my troubles.
It was super hard to find any form of discounts on the page but after some digging I found out that gives discount to regular customers. That was pretty much it. No form of coupons or promo codes to speak of. I could use their plagiarism check tool free of charge but that was pretty much it.

While the website offers promises of professional writing and quality service, I found that wasn’t the case with their customer support. They were unprofessional and could barely answer my questions. The next blow was the price model uses, which emphasizes higher prices for higher rated writers. While this might be the case with many writing services, I found it surprising that they would put this information up there and wave it around. In summary, I’d look for a more affordable writing service, simply due to the fact that the customer support didn’t fill me with confidence enough to trust them with my paper.
12/07/2017 08:13:11
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